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Wine; it’s not just another drink. It’s about people. It’s about places. It’s a melting pot of history and culture. And most of all, it’s about pleasure. Wine and Chill have a mission to bring you wines that reflect these qualities and that represent the people and places from which they come. The wines they offer you represent year’s labour of love. They are uncompromising in their mission to source independently made wines directly from growers around the world and they apply their strict selection criteria to each and every wine on their list, from the everyday to the extraordinary. 

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More About Wine & Chill

Wine and Chill go out of the way to avoid the boring, mass-produced wines so as to create and sustain a market of choice for you and your fellow wine lovers. They do so by walking the ground of the world’s famous and not so famous wine regions and by directly sourcing from dedicated and fiercely independent winemakers. Where the supermarket chains sponsor homogeneity and bulk production, believe our approach encourages diversity, independence and quality.

As well as offering you great wine, they want you to get closer to the vineyards they come from, which is why they discover the back story behind each and every bottle and share it with you. We hope you will join us on our journey as we explore the wonderful world of wine. Cheers! Wine and Chill is most established and respected online drinks specialist selling a range of top quality wines sourced direct from wineries around the world. Because Wine and Chill are specialist wine importers, working closely with small independent and original producers, supplying wines to an appreciative clientele of wine lovers, our wines will not be found in supermarkets or off-licenses around the country. Make use of Wine and Chill promo codes and discount codes in 2018 to get extra savings on top of the great offer.

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