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Kobo is one of the highly recommended eBook service provided to the customers. Our library is huge and it’s always growing, right now accommodating 5 million books. From today’s bestsellers to yesterday’s classics and much more. The books are listed systematically to make your browsing as convenient as possible. We value our customers and look into their needs and concerns. Avail the Kobo voucher codes and Kobo promo codes on your purchase at supersavermama.sg.

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  • All data on your eReader product is your responsibility.
  • Use Kobo Apps for buying and downloading the eBooks

More About Kobo

At Kobo you can buy eBooks to read across all your devices, whether you are after books for iPad, books for eReaders or books for tablets. Download eBooks quickly and easily with our ‘How To’ guide here. Browse all the latest new releases and best eBooks online.

There are books of all kinds in the mix and something for everyone at bargain prices. It’s worth a good rummage because there are quite a few gems to be found there. Whatever your taste in fiction, you’ll find something to enjoy from classics to fantasy, romance to thrillers, historical fiction to science fiction and everything in between. You’ll find books on health and sciences, history and humanities, cookery, economy and what not.

Kobo even facilitate you with the sincere advice to select the right book for you and how to enjoy reading with which book. Avail the best possible markdown on the purchase of your choice of books with Super Saver Mama through Kobo voucher codes and Kobo promo codes.   

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