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Did you know once roasted, coffee starts losing its taste and aroma within a matter of days, even when they are thoroughly seal packed? This is why Perk Coffee never takes a chance for its customers to complain over the quality of the brew they most desire to have to start their day with. Paul – The Coffee Guy and Serena – The Creative Genius, the founders at Perk Coffee are always focused on bringing you the best. We at Perk Coffee are the biggest fans of coffee and are committed to ethical sustainable produce in regard with highest quality coffee. Avail the 2018 Perk Coffee promo codes at to get discount on your orders. 

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Shopping Tips

  • You can buy a gift of delicious gift for the most loved ones to make their day. (Visit website for instructions)
  • If the recipient doesn’t like any of the coffees they receive, we will send them a replacement.
  • They redeem the gift voucher and tell us where and when to send and how they like their coffee.

More About Perk Coffee

Perk is a place all lace up to content the needs of the coffee lovers. Paul and Serena’s love for bringing the best quality coffee to you with the most satisfying and comforting adventure in the world of delicious fruity coffees. Using the new and traditional roasting equipment, they produce not only exceptionally tasting coffees but also are vastly in touch with the production of coffee in their own farms.

While the customers repeatedly return to Perk for their customer focused approach, excellent coffees and attention to detail, the customer also appreciate the fact that the freshest coffee is served as stale coffee starts to lose its optimal flavour and aroma which is never witnessed at Perk Coffee.

The travelling by the couple has made them so thorough with the selection of the right coffee beans and its production. Their stay at Kenya first and then at Hawaii was more fruitful for Perk Coffee as it have all the goodness what a coffee lover demands for. With the seasonal changes the café makes the customer have the most desired flavours according to the surrounding.

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