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Most people enjoy taking the keys to a new car. The excitement of that moment is surely more fun than the work of finding the right vehicle at the right price. But car shopping is getting easier, or at least less time consuming for many shoppers. In part, better online resources are making car shopping quicker and easier. More listings are online than ever before, and the quality of those listings is improving. More vehicle shopping sites and apps for mobile devices are helping car shoppers, too. Super Saver Mama offers this opportunity to shop online without any hassles of going to different stores, showrooms all across the city to get that perfect car.

Through Super saver Mama everything is just a click away. With a wide range of discounts that they have to offer, you can avail them and make your online shopping experience better. It's certainly easier to peruse dozens of listings online than to drive from one dealership to the next. Shopping online is increasingly simple and effective, a trend that should continue to make car shopping more efficient for consumers. Everyone wants to make a wise vehicle purchase decision, but efficiency is important, too. Time is money. So spend time shopping online before hitting the dealerships. You can narrow your list of vehicles, saving time while staying informed.

Here are a few reasons why online shopping, be it for automotive is better. In the traditional entrance, a customer walks onto the car lot, is approached by a salesman, hears the sales pitch and then hashes out a deal in a sales office. The other entrance is a virtual one and leads to the dealership's Internet department. Once car buyers have test-driven and chosen a car, they can do the rest of the deal including financing and negotiating online or over the phone by using the Internet department. In some cases, a dealer will even deliver the car to the buyer's home or office. This helps buyers avoid delays and extra sales pitches in the dealership finance and insurance office.

Car dealership Internet departments focus on selling a higher volume of cars rather than on maximizing profit on each individual. Therefore, the initial price quote from an Internet sales manager is often very close to the absolute lowest selling price for a given vehicle.

There's no question that using the Internet department saves time and stress. When buyers are shopping in person at a dealership, they run the risk of making costly, spur-of-the-moment decisions on financing or additional products, such as extended warranties. Working via the Internet department minimizes that risk. It also is good for people who don't have an appetite for negotiations.

By using the Internet as the front door to a car purchase, a buyer makes more informed decisions. There is time to consider all the possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere, away from the distracting lure of new-car smell.

Several questions come in our mind when it comes to online vehicle shopping. Like insurance, quality assurance, and charges etc. here are a few questions that have been answered for your assurance and feasibility.

What is the process of shopping online?

First, figure out what you want in a car, such as body type and exterior color, along with the features you desire, like fuel economy. After you establish your criteria, search our vast inventory of late-model, well-maintained used vehicles in your area. After you find the car that best suits your needs and budget, contact a Personal Auto Consultant who’ll help set up your Ultimate Test Drive and potential car purchase.

What does it mean by the ultimate test drive rental?

The Ultimate Test Drive Rental is a convenient, no-pressure way to get a feel for your next car. Not only can you independently test-drive your car of choice, you can try it out for up to three days. What’s more, the Ultimate Test Drive can be arranged for a time that fits your schedule. Simply show up at the predetermined location, sign the standard rental agreement and get behind the wheel. Return the vehicle within two hours and you won’t be charged a rental fee. If you decide to test-drive the car for up to three days, you will be charged the daily rental rate. However, should you decide to buy the vehicle, the rental fee will be refunded to you.

Must I obtain more than one estimate?

No, unless your policy states otherwise.  You have the right to obtain an estimate from the repair shop of your choice.  No one can force you to spend your valuable time running around shopping for repairs.

My budget is limited; will you accept a lower price?

Due to our unique business model, the cars are already priced at the lowest price. We have a no-haggling policy to offer the same low prices to everyone and believe all our customers should enjoy the same great prices, whether they are good at haggling or not. Bear in mind that we have a very high stock turnover so if your car is slightly above your budget, it's likely that a similar car will be arriving and it may well be cheaper! We review our prices daily and have a team who specialize in this area to ensure that our vehicles are competitive. If you still think that it is too much to afford, then you can obviously use the discount codes offered by the site for your ease and comfort.

Do you charge for credit card transactions?

Yes. If you wish to pay for your car by credit card, a 2% fee applies to cover bank processing costs. Payments by debit cards can also be done. Whatever you think is feasible for you, because we are here to tackle all your problems and provide you with everything that is convenient and easy for you.

Do you have testing available?

Whatever vehicle you have, even cars, vans and motorbikes, we can help you out. Please Contact us for a valuation either by phone, in person or using our online valuation service. Our highly trained staff give your car a valuation. Obviously your car's condition and mileage are important factors in determining the price, but we'll take you through step-by-step our transparent pricing process.

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