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Jurong Birds Park was founded in 1971, and is a place where you’ll be able to find number of birds to entertain you and increase your IQ. You’ll bird with threatened species and their presence in the park is to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the colourful avian world trough naturalistic exhibits, interactive feeding sessions and world class bird shows. Avail the 2018 promo codes to get discount on reserving your tickets at supersavermama.sg.

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More About Jurong Bird Park

Immerse yourself in one of the most unique wildlife attractions. Join the birds in their beautiful rainforest habitat. Flying around you will be the species from the vanishing rainforests of the world, including some most precious and beautiful birds at Jurong Bird Park.

Naturally landscaped wit waterfalls, ponds, exotic and native plants, birds replicates the natural habitats of almost 50 species that roam in the unique rainforest immersion exhibit. It is truly a photographer’s delight. Avail the experience of the most indulgent ways to enjoy the park through their guided VIP buggy tours. Get a chance to meet the beautiful see their tuxedoed friends, the penguins.

The park hosts a variety of educational programmes for students. The se comprise of day trips, overnight camps, behind-the-scenes tours, workshops and wildlife publications. Avail the best possible discount on reserving your tickets to the fun filled park with Super Saver Mama trough Jurong Bird Park voucher codes and Jurong Bird Park promo codes.

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